Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Be God's Little Princess

How to Be God's Little Princess: Royal Tips of Manners  and Etiquette for Girls  -              By: Sheila Walsh

Recently I received a copy of “How to Be God’s Little Princess,” which is a book filled with activities focusing on manners, etiquette, and true beauty. This book is written by Sheila Walsh, who is the author of “Gigi, God’s Princess.” Many of her books are designed for little girls, and I thought this book would be a perfect addition to my newborn’s library. This book though, is for a young adult (8-12).

Many young girls at the targeted age group are seeking to find their identity as they become young women. I believe this book will assist them in becoming more confident as they blossom into beautiful women of God. Some of the topics the book focuses on include: how to dress like a princess, how to have a royal party, how to be media wise, how to be perfectly polite, and how a princess sports a good attitude.

Although my daughter is too young to read this book with right now, it will definitely be something that we go through together when she gets older!

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