Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daddy Dates

Daddy Dates, by Greg Wright is a book written to dads, to help build strong and confident daughters. Greg writes solely based on his experience raising his 4 girls, and the success he has had with them through his “Daddy Date” strategy. He encourages Dad’s to really get to know their daughters by taking them on dates – just like that same dad use to date their mom in order to get to know her better. Greg shares his experience in how he has gotten his 4 teenage daughters to open up and share their fears, dreams and opinions with him.

This is a great book for any guy to read. It’s very eye opening in how men can better relate to any female, whether it’s a daughter, wife, girlfriend or sister. You don't have to be a dad to read, and get good advice from, this book. Greg seems to have figured girls our better than the average Joe, and his advice is great. Plus, it’s just a fun book to read. He writes with a great sense of humor, and it’s a relatively short, easy book.

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